Graphics & Animation

Graphics & Animation

01. Graphic design
02. Broadcast Courses
03. Web design Courses
01_ Graphic design

Make a grand entry into the world of advertising, TV and graphic a art through

this tailor-made course. The curriculum empowers students to champion

Graphic Design, Page Layout Design and Interactive Design.

OUR Course
Fundamentals of Design & Drawing
Concepts of Graphic &illustration
Graphic Design
Minimalistc Design
Image Editing
Page Layout
02_ Broadcast Courses

The broadcast media has boundless potential, not just with its glamour and charm, but

also the scale at which it touches people. With the demand for broadcast designers

constantly on the rise, JM Graphic Animation has designed a program for students to have a stellar care in the medium which enhances a student's ability to excel in the domain of broadcasting

OUR Course
Basics of Digital Filmmaking
Digital Design
Video Editing
Sound Editing
3D Design & Modelling
Look Development
Lighting and Rendering
Rigging and Animation
Layer Based Compositing
Clean Plate Generation
Chroma Screen Removal
2D Motion Graphics
3D Motion Graphics
Editing with FCP
Project & Case-Studiesfor Motion Graphics
03_ Web design Courses

A Course that allows you to ace communication mediums such as
publications, websites, user interfaces, billboards, etc. You can find
the best job opportunities and unleash your
through this dynamic platform.

OUR Course
Fundamentals of Designer & Drawing
Concepts of Graphic & Illustrations
Graphic Designer
Image Editing
Page Layout
Concepts of web Designer
Webpage Designing
Interactive Design
Video Editing
Sound Editing
Web Animation
Front End Design
Minimalistic Design
Basics of 2D Animation
Digital Storyboarding
Digital 2D Animation
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