JM CAD understands that there is no benefit of having Advance technology without people and processes to make it efficient, reliable and fast. Major successful companies mostly works on business flow and production flow with the help of additional leading-edge technologies like mold design. We can create good work with excellent faster progress if high speed machining is available and backlog in polishing is extreme.

The mold design technology is used with special purpose in engineering product design companies like JM CAD  We know that without overall efficiency, the buyer may not see a reduction in the delivery time and will not consider the service to be rapid. Here the role of mold design technology comes in to picture.

Moulds tend to be used to produce products that need to be hollow in the middle, whereas dies are used to stamp solid products out of media such as steel. DIE IS a block of metal with a special shape or with a pattern cut into it that is used for shaping other pieces of metal such as coins or for making patterns.

Mould or die are the common terms used to describe the tool used to produce plastic parts in moulding. Since moulds have been expensive to manufacture, they were usually only used in mass production where thousands of parts were being produced.

Molding is a technique through which a material, often plastic, but also metal, rubber, or powder mixtures is shaped on the outline of a die or mold. … There are two primary types of plastics: thermosets and thermoplastics.

Course Highlights

Plastic injection Moulds
Blow Moulds
Casting Moulds and send Moulds
Forming Moulds
Sheet Metal Moulds

Duration of Course

20 Hours Theory
20 Hours Practical
20 Hours Project work

Technical Features
Plastic injection Moulds
  • Plastic injection Moulds

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Blow Moulds

  • Blow Moulds

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Casting Moulds and send Moulds

  • Casting Moulds and send Moulds

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Forming Moulds

  • Forming Moulds

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Sheet Metal Moulds

  • Sheet Metal Moulds

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Mold design engineer is responsible to create the design release package for the manufacturing team. Mold Design Manager may have engineering support that can help facilitate these requirements.

Mold design is a decisive factor for the molding success such as dimensioning and location of the sprue gates, dimensioning of shear edges, flow aids, cooling and ejector techniques, etc. From: Plastic Product Material and Process Selection Handbook, 2004.

What Does a Professional in this Career Do? Develops and engineers improvements in injection molding processes at a manufacturing company. Modifies or creates machines used for injection molding, assists with set up and troubleshooting for equipment, and develops materials to be inserted into molds to create products.

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