NX CAM is a complete set of NC programming  Software Application cam.

3 Axis Programming
2D Programming
3D Programming
ISO Programming
Mopud and die Programming
G code & M Code in CNC System.

Duration Of Course

  • 20 Hours Theory
  • 30 Hours Practical
  • 30 Hours Project work
Technical Features
  • Introduction to Machine or Controlar and Programming
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Production setup
  • Different types of Fixtures setup&Machining setup
  • Planar milling
  • Productions Manufacturing
  • Automation Programming
  • Drilling, Taping, Riming, Boring, etc
  • Face milling
  • Mould and Die Programming
  • Tool part Programming
  • Wizards and shop
  • Cavity milling
  • Z-level milling
  • Thread milling
  • Area milling
  • G Code & M Code in cnc
  • Types of Cutters used in cnc
  • Documnentation Post
  • Engrave text
  • Surface area cutting
  • Contour profiling
  • Centerline drilling
  • Groove and thread operations
  • Multiple spindles and IPW
  • Advantage of high Speed Machining
  • Operation- Core Roughing, Waterline, Scallop, raster, Spiral, Radial
  • Operation- Ruled tool path,
  • Swept 2D Tool path Post

9-axis CNC is a blend of lathe and 5-axis machining. With 9 functional axes, the part can be turned and multi-axis milled in a singular set-up. The largest benefit of this type of machine is the elimination of manual loading and secondary fixtures. A multi-axis machine like this can make a fully finished product.

A 2 axis CNC machine is a computer numerical control machine that has two axes of movement which are typically the x-axis and the y-axis. It can be used to create a variety of parts and objects with precise accuracy. The 2-axis machine can cut and drill machine parts.

9 Axis. A 9 axis IMU adds information from a 3-axis magnetometer to the gyroscope and accelerometer. The magnetometer measures magnetic fields, delivering a fixed point of reference (Earth’s magnetic field).

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