AutoCAD is a versatile and most ubiquitous commercial Drafting & Modeling software tool developed and marketed by AUTODESK 

AutoCAD is an essential tool for High School Students, Technical Students, Draftsmen, Diploma Engineers, Mechanical, Automobile Engineers, and Corporate Managers and is used by over 20 million users worldwide.

AutoCAD is used across a wide range of industries, like Aerospace & Defense, Automobile & Transportation, Marine Engineering, Education, Manufacturing, etc

Course Highlight

2D Drafting & Annotations
3D Modeling & Design
Productivity Tools
Project Work

Duration of Course

15 Hours Theory

20 Hours Practical
10 Hours Project work

Technical Features
  • Navigating the working Environment
  • Displaying objects
  • Co-ordinate system
  • First and Third Angel Projection Method
  • Setting Units
  • Object creation and Modification tools
  • Working with layers and text
  • Customization of Properties
  • Apply Hatch and Gradient
  • Drawing Creation
  • Creation of Industrial Title Blocks
  • Preparing Isometric Drawings
  • Applying Dimensions with Tolerance
  • Parametric Drawing Creation

Video Editing Training in Ahmedabad

  • Customization Screen
  • External References
  • Hyperlink your Drawing
  • Import /Export AutoCAD Files
  • Block and dynamic Blocks
  • Tool Palette and design center
  • Animation and presentation with Scripts

VFX Training in Ahmedabad

  • Introductions to 3D Modeling
  • 3D coordinate system
  • Wire Frame Modeling
  • Surface and Solid modeling
  • Convert 3D to 2D with Flatshot
  • Section vieW creation
  • Editing and visualizing 3D Solids
  • Apply Materials
  • Lights and Camera
  • Rendering 3D Objects
  • Creation of Walk through

Photo Editing Course in Ahmedabad

  • Creation of site layout
  • Foundation Layout
  • Structural Plan
  • Structural Details
  • Centerline In- In & Out-Out plan Creation
  • Architectural Plan
  • Electrical Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Furniture Details
  • Door & Window Schedule
  • Staircase Details

Premiere Pro Training in Ahmedabad

AutoCAD LT is one of the most popular interior design programs today, used by decorators, architects, engineers, construction professionals, and more. This reliable software allows professionals to design, draft, and document precise drawings with 2D geometry.

AutoCAD is a 2D and 3D drafting software used to prepare blueprints, models, interior designs, and engineering plans. Mechanical and electrical drafters use AutoCAD to draw layouts for wiring and mechanical devices. Architects use AutoCAD to draw 3D interiors such as walls, doors, and windows.

Many interior designers are used to completing layout drawings by hand with pencil and drafting paper. But implementing AutoCAD as part of your toolbox can cut down on time, increasing efficiency in completing projects, particularly if you’re interested in structural planning and building processes.

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