Automobile Engineering is a branch study of engineering which teaches manufacturing, designing, mechanical mechanisms as well operations of automobiles. It is an introduction to vehicle engineering which deals with motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks, etc.

Career Information for Automotive Design Engineers.

Automotive design includes industrial designers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers, who collectively develop or improve motor vehicle structures, accessories, engines and related systems.

The design of the packaging is done by engineers, while the exterior body is designed by industrial designers or car designers with good grasp of creativity in art. Some cars are designed with a outside-in approach wherein the exterior body of the car is designed and later the packaging is designed within it


AutoCAD is a versatile and most ubiquitous commercial Drafting & Modeling software..

Solid Works

Solidworks is used widely across Aerospace, Automotive, Alternative Energy, Construction..


Creo is a Computer Aided Design tool used to create, analyze, view, and share designs..


It is also used in aerospace, automotive companies. It is very simple, useful..


ANSYS is a Computer aided Engineering Design and Simulation tool..

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