Power To Create New Worlds Is Your ARTCAM Design Engineering

Artcam very powerful tool to design and make many different things with your CNC machine. It has wide range tools for any situations. And that’s why I sliced all its features into few pieces.

If you are in Wood working area then probably you are working with CNC machine. Well to create or prepare files to cut in CNC router you need to prepare your drawing in special CAM software. The most popular and powerful CAM software is Artcam. Artcam very powerful CAD/CAM software that will allow you draw 2D / 3D drawings and convert it into CNC machine language to cut it in the machine

You’ll learn how to modify your relief or imported 3D objects with Artcam tools.I’ll show you how to create a realistic view with special tools.You’ll learn how to import or create 3 objects and then combine them to get the whole view of 3d model with materials and background.At the end, you’ll learn how to properly configure machining tools and export your files to cut them in CNC machine.

Course Highlights

• How to draw and modify object in Artcam
• How to prepare files for CNC machine
• How to import files from other software’s and solve problems with them.
• You’ll learn how to draw and modify object to create amassing artworks with your CNC
• What is the Artcam and How to works with it?
• How to draw vectors and modify them.
• How to work with Bitmaps and colors
• You’ll learn how to nest your files to save materials.
• How to prepare drawing to cut in CNC
• About different type of machining tools
• Face Design
• Door Design
• Frame Design
• Wall Pannel Design
• Stone Carving
• Corian Design
• We cover all this concept in Artcam training

Course Content

• Interface Artcam
• 2D Design
• Image to Vector
• Relielf Edit
• Clipart.
• Drawing tools in Artcam design
• Modify tools in Artcam
• Working with layers
• Vector Editing design
• Array tools design
• Create and draw vector
• Work with Bitmaps in Artcam
• What is the Model and how to work with it
• 3D Relief creation design
• Advanced work and practice
• Work on project
• Machine on Artcam
• 2D Programing.
• 3D Programing.

Software Covered

• AutoCAD
• II
• ArtCAM

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